Arabella Laguna

Arabella Laguna is a mother and daughter property in the heart of my hometown of Laguna Beach, California. The branding for the site was previously completed prior to me coming aboard. The logo really didn’t speak to me as a designer or a developer, but the family loved it so I had to figure out how to work that huge logo into a small header.

A Photo of Arabella's Homepage

The Home Page

I actually coded a custom weather display for this site using the national weather station’s API. It was pretty cool and it’s not showing here unfortunately because these are old screenshots.

Originally built in ASP then I switched it over to PHP. After a year or two of using a static website I ended up building them their own CMS using CodeIgniter. Giving them the ability to edit their own pages, images and text.

A Photo Of A Room At Arabella

Room Page

Integrating a reservation system wasn’t part of the budget so the business opted for using Booking Center. It worked by implementing a simple iframe onto the page. On these custom single room pages I then did some custom coding which allowed specific dates to be called and it spoke directly with Booking Center’s system. A popup with those dates would then trigger and show on the page directly so to not take the user away from the page.

A Photo Of Arabella's Wedding Events Page

Wedding Gallery

This gallery page used a simple slider using my favorite slider back in the day Nivo Slider. Is that slider still around? Anyone know?

A Photo Of Arabella Laguna's Contact Page

The site wasn’t responsive back then. We didn’t even have responsive frameworks back in 2008. You can’t visit this version pictured here anymore. Also, I didn’t have anything to do with the newer site. They found someone else to do that as I was too busy at the time.

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