Cashflow Diary

Cashflow Diary is a short-term rental hospitality training company. They show people how to build their own short-term rental business so they can thrive financially. A fully responsive website Cashflow Diary displays perfectly across all devices. I worked 3 months on the design and layout of all the pages. The site has Advanced Custom Fields running for their podcast section. So I had to do a bit of coding to allow for newer embedding of their podcast HTML.

A Photo Of Cashflow's Homepage

Cashflow’s Homepage

The site uses Zurb Foundation’s responsive framework. Because that’s my favorite responsive framework. Let’s face it, Visual Composer uses it as well as do so many others.

Call To Action For Cashflow's Footer Area

Call To Action Section

A very simple call to action area near the footer for collecting subscribers.

A Photo Of Cashflow Diary's About Page

About Page Sample

Lastly, when I’m designing a site I like to keep things simple. Nice clean modern lines, easy to navigate and not over complicate things. Symmetry is everything to me because I notice the tiniest details. Like if a margin or padding is off by one pixel I’m all over it.

A Photo of CFD's Contact Page

Contact Page

Finally, the site is built in WordPress using a base theme with Visual Composer and some custom CSS here and there. Contact form built using Contact Form 7. I noticed recently that the site has been redone by someone else, yet again. My design completely ruined. So sad.

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