Clambake Animation

Clambake Animation are a great bunch of folks that work right in the heart of Boston, MA. Well, sorta of in the heart. The site was built over 10 years ago. They designed it, I built it. It’s all in WordPress and is based on an older theme I had lying around. I took that theme and tweaked it here and there. I really wish I could redo this site in a custom theme and make it responsive. It was built before responsive design was established.

Clambake Animations Homepage

Finally, it’s not responsive at all. Why? Responsive wasn’t really a thing back then. The site hasn’t changed at all and I don’t see them changing anything anytime soon. They use it primarily to showcase their animation videos. Swap videos here and there and add gallery images. If you know me I’m not a fan of using plugins so I try and keep it to a minimum. This was a no thrills project really. Super simple informative creative website to showcase their portfolio to potential clients and the network.

You can see some of their shows on Adult Swim. They’re a great bunch of folks and if you’re into their thing check em out.

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