Dianne Emley

Dianne Emley is a famous mystery writer based in California. She has a few books to her name. I believe she came out with a new one just last year. The website was built in WordPress. I did a lot of customization and integrated Owl Carousel before anyone even used it. I need to update the software for it. Dianne plans on doing an overhaul sometime in 2020. So I hope to have something new to show you as well in the coming months. This website is fully responsive and has a cool gallery slider that I used on her book page using Owl.

A Photo of Dianne Emley's Homepage

Dianne’s Home Page

Dianne Emley's Books Page

Book Carousel

Dianne doesn’t really keep up with her website. So there’s probably not a lot going on there. She uses a Calendar plugin for her events. The homepage uses a custom built theme options panel on based on Options Tree for WordPress. The homepage blocks are all widgetized so that she can easily update those sections herself. I had fun with a lot of CSS3 on this website. A lot of the list items move right with a hover over event.

Lastly, I designed Dianne’s logo and the name logo. I love how the DE came out. It just came to me one night and Dianne ended up love it too. Well, thanks for visiting. Any questions let me know.


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