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The JAC Photography website was yet again another amazing design by Jane. It was a huge challenge for me. I needed to figure out how I was going to handle the responsive side of things with Jane’s design. You have to keep in mind, the site was built so long ago and responsive design was just starting to come into its own. We didn’t have page builders like Visual Composer or Elementor and we couldn’t do half the things we can do today.

A Photo Of JAC Photography Gallery Page

First of all, how hard are split menus in responsive design? Can I get a show of hands? I think it’s one of the trickiest things to do. Furthermore, Jane likes designing split menus and centered logos that overlap a slider or something. Getting that just right across all devices can be a bit of a hair puller.

A Photo Of JAC Photography's Blog Page
This blog template page was a bit difficult due because of the responsive framework and getting it right across all devices.

A Photo Of JAC Photography's Contact Page

The contact form is connected to a custom options panel and uses Contact Form 7


Finally, the JAC Photography site has a custom options panel, similarly to Option Tree a custom connection to the contact form that runs thru the options panel. I wrote a ton of custom css in here and a lot of jQuery. The gallery page uses shortcodes making it easier for clients that can’t code and easier to manage their own sites.

JAC Photography Responsive Web Design Pack

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