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Jane Johnson Design had a simple request. Just help Jane finish some elements of her website that she wasn’t able to do herself. For the most part she built a lot of this site herself. Jane and I met some years ago, on Craigslist I believe it was.

She was looking for someone to develop her client’s sites and I became that person for her. An amazing relationship became of it and we have been friends ever since. She’s an incredible designer. If you have time check out her work. She’s great at branding too. Oh and Photography!

Jane's Homepage with amazing leaves and menus
A ton of custom fonts were embedded into this ProPhoto theme. It really shows her creative side.

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Here’s another project I did for Jane. This is a simple landing page with a jQuery hover effect. The backgrounds change when you hover over the corresponding menu item. It’s full responsive and in mobile you will have to click the menu items to see the effect in action. One of my more prouder moments in coding. Ask and you shall receive. Click on the demo button below to view and see how it works.

Landing Page by Serafin Designs

Landing Page by Serafin Designs

Landing Page by Serafin Designs

Jane Johnson Design Landing Page by Serafin Designs

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