Love Me Photography

The Love Me Photography website was yet another great example of Jane’s design mind at work. Initially, the front page had an incredible circle mask with a video playing behind it. It was a challenge to say the least to get that to work in a responsive design, but I did. I’ll try and locate a working example for you to see. It was so cool.

Home Page
The homepage uses custom blocks I built thru a custom options panel. Most noteworthy, the website is fully responsive targeting all mobile devices. I work with the foundation framework always as I have been since it was developed back in the day. I’ve just never been a fan of Bootstrap and all its issues with glitches. Let’s face it, almost 90% of page builders use Zurb’s framework too.

A Website Gallery Page
Gallery page was built using Owl Carousel with responsive options to the JS. Automatically set for mobile view.

Contact Page For Love Me
A standard contact form was used for the contact page with custom fonts by Jane.
I used my favorite form plugin Contact Form 7 for this. I find it to be the easiest form maker out there for clients.

Blog Page
A standard blog page with design elements throughout. About Page
Finally, I built a pretty basic about page. Just a simple 50 50 split in responsive. Great for just getting the point across. The theme is custom built for the client and is done so for WordPress.

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