Style Hunter

Style Hunter is a site that’s all about Fashion, Style, Music and more. Owner Amanda Martin hired me to redesign and develop her site eons ago.  The existing site was already in WordPress. After a few years we ended up putting the site on an AWS server. This was my first time using AWS. Pretty cool to use. I suggested we move her site over there because I knew it would grow rapidly and it was already getting bogged down with all the content and images.

StyleHunter Homepage Website Australia


Lastly, Style Hunter had multiple sites over time. All connected by not by a multi-site configuration or anything like that. Think Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. I ended up designing and building all these sites for them as well as brand them over a 4 year period. The main goal here was a blogging platform for either fashion, charity and full on celebrity magazine style. Amanda really had it set to conquer the world with her amazing brand.

I believe she Amanda had guest writers submit articles and maintain them from remote areas around Australia and the world.

It appears the business in general has been sold to someone else now and is no longer being hosted.

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