Sunlit Films

Another Jane Johnson design project with Sunlit Films. The request was a simple landing page that would be responsive using CSS3 media query in a simple HTML layout with jQuery.  They also required a form for signing up to their newsletter.

A Photo Of Sunlit Films Landing Page

I think their current site sits on the SquareSpace framework, but I’m not sure. I love working in SqaureSpace, but don’t get a lot of work in it. It’s just not a very popular framework/platform anymore.

The themes I’ve worked on over the years on that platform are pretty awesome. The great thing about platforms like that is they come with built in security measures. Unlike WordPress where you hope that whoever your hosting with is taking care of your security for you.

However, nothing is 100% secure. You know what I mean? Which brings me to another topic. Those of you on WordPress, please, don’t let your site get outdated. Plugins are the #1 way a hacker gets in and all because you didn’t upgrade to the latest version or you didn’t want to pay some developer, yes like me, to upgrade them for you. It is vital to the health of your website and to your business.

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