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Wander & Lust is a blog site created by travel expert and owner Lisa Wang. Lisa travels the world and documents everything she sees along the way via Instagram and other social media outlets as well as this blog site. The site was already built by someone else but the front page and a few other elements were done by me. Fixed a few things here and there and added some newer elements for her.

A Photo Of Wander & Lust's Home Page

Home Page

The home page above uses several custom elements that I created using locations as thumbnails to showcase her travels. The site is built in WordPress.

Documented Travel Map

A bird’s Eye view of Wander & Lust’s travels.

A Photo Of Wander And Lust's About Page

About Page

Simple clean design for her About page. Furthermore, the design for this site was done by the client ahead of time. I just stepped in and helped her clean things up when she requested it. She had already purchased a theme template as well.

A Photo Of Lust's Contact Page

Contact Page

Lastly, this is just an example of a clean, simple contact page using Contact Form 7. If you have any questions or what to know more. Contact me directly and I’ll be more than happy to discuss.

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