Wes Gordon

Wes Gordon has had a few sites in the time I’ve known him. I can’t even remember how we met. I believe it was a mutual friend in Connecticut. I built Wes’ website eons ago. It actually used to be a flash website and that was built by someone else and then I took over after they flew the coop and fixed a bunch of the bugs with that site. Then we moved into PHP and voila. The rest is history.

He’s since shut the site down and started designing for the one and only Carolina Herrera. Hey, why not.

A Photo Of Wes Gordon's Main Page

Home Page

I’d love to show you the flash version we did back in the day. If I can get it up and running I will but I think even better I’m going to do a video of how I worked in it and post it here. That way you can see how it functioned. As most of you know Flash will be ending at the end of this year for all browsers. So you won’t be able to view it anymore.

For more information on designing and building a fashion site, contact me at info@serafindesigns.com and let’s discuss your project.

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