Zynger Events

The website for Zynger Events started out as a Flash website. I actually started my coding days learning ActionScript and developing flash modules. Creating custom Flash websites and selling my modules and Flash templates on FlashDen back in the day.

After a couple of years I advised Ryan Zynger, the owner of Zynger, to move away from the flash version and start using an HTML version.

Zynger Events HTML Website

HTML Version

A year into that Ryan asked to be able to take over more control of the website so I suggested taking his current HTML website and turning it into a custom WordPress theme based off it. The rest was history. Lastly, I can see that the current site is still in WordPress. It’s taking on an entirely new transformation.

I love seeing my former clients evolve over the years. It’s really interesting to see the different types of branding they can encounter and I believe this was no exception. From the colorful site it once was to its current design. They found their voice. A reminder to never be afraid to take chances with your website.

It was a pleasure working with Zynger Events. We had a lot of fun back then and I made a new friend.

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